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How Mid Market Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win!

In Predictable Results you'll discover secrets from 175+ years of business and management consultant experience in this best-selling book. It's a guide for leaders and teams to grow business and get more initiatives done successfully - for predictable results!

Learn from the facilitation of thousands of planning & strategy sessions around the world, across a broad spectrum of industries and well-known organizations like AT&T, Citrix, FedEx, NASA, Walmart, and Walt Disney - and from job creating mid-market firms to gain inspiration, insight, and how-to from 11 leader examples. Leaders who struggled, were guided through their challenge, agreed on a path forward, and succeeded. Each chapter outlines the challenge faced, the struggle that was overcome, and ends with the Big Ideas and Lessons to put you on the path to predictable business results. Here's a sample look inside ...

                         Chapter 1: Think, Plan, Do: A Simple System to Accelerate Growth

                         Chapter 2: Win New Customers and Sell More To the Ones You Love

                         Chapter 3: Saying Yes to What Matters Most and No to Everything Else

                         Chapter 4: Empowering Teams to Drive Innovation

                         Chapter 5: Aligning business Units and Killing Silos

                         Chapter 6: Scaling Your Company for Rapid Growth

                         Chapter 7: Doubling the Capacity of your Executive Team

                         Chapter 8: Making Acquisitions Work

                         Chapter 9: Managing Global Teams and Engaging Remote Employees

                         Chapter 10: Designing  a Culture to Grow Without Drama

                         Chapter 11: The CEOs Playbook for Success 

Predictable Results Helps Scale Your Business

Predictable Results Helps Scale Your Business

Predicatable Results

How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win!

Insights from 9 Authors who have conducted thousands of strategic planning session condensed into 10 client stories, and a playbook for your success. 

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How industry leaders tackle top growth challenges - such as:

  • Opening new markets
  • Getting and growing customers
  • Scaling processes
  • Making acquisitions work and creating a drama free culture

This book provides a unique opportunity to gain powerful insights from leading middle market private companies and is a handy desk reference in uncertain times like COVID-19!

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