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Here's what past participants have said (scroll down for comments)…


“So refreshing to have such an outstanding speaker who provides such wonderful tips.”
– J. Schair, San Diego, California

“Gave some great tips! You should write a book with the info provided!”
– C. Kavazanjian, Reno, Nevada

“Spoke directly to me – due to his session I want to buy the tapes of this show so I will have this. I will also look for other tools he offers – books, e-mail newsletter and PinnTel Seminars.”
– B. Dunn, Orlando, Florida

“Excellent points on time management. ‘Animated’ presenter, very enthusiastic and presented valid ways to manage time better.” – R. Igliz, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Good use of handouts – audience filled in info during the presentation. Good ending for the conference.” – L. Sondey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“GREAT job! Glad I stayed.” – G. Morton, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Good interactive session – good ways to get audience participation! A great way to end a great conference!” – S. Cox, Dallas, Texas

“He is a wonderful speaker! Sorry to say that so many of the other presenters didn’t hold a candle to him!” – P. Benton, San Francisco, California

“She was definitely one of the best presenters at the conference. Very useful information!” – M. Martin, Detroit, Michigan

“He is truly a great speaker! I really enjoy his speeches/presentations.”
– B. Coble, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Fun, informative presentation. Great way to end the conference!” – H. Davis, Columbia, South Carolina


“It was a very useful seminar and has a lot of tools I need to implement in my life. The information was very appropriate to Burger King - He knew a lot about our business!”
– D. Ivester, Vidalia, Georgia

“What an excellent program! I have come away a better-prepared manager. Truly pertains to meespecially, due to being a director of training.” – K. Thomas, Rome, Georgia

“Thank you for the great training. I trained my daughter already on it (8 year old) and she succeeded in school the next morning. It took us 10 minutes to shape her presentation. She is really proud of herself!” – T. Alexandre, Atlanta, Georgia 

“You had the ability to make the audience want to participate. As Director of Surgery that's hard to make me want to do!” – M.E. Robbins, Cincinnati, Ohio 

“I attend lots of training as the Director of Radiology -- the entire seminar was a useful learning experience.” – E. Chiaselli, Huntersville, North Carolina 

“Excellent – life experiences as to how they related to the topic were great! The best by far of all seminars that I’ve attended. Kept the class moving, was great, good eye contact." – B. Regan, Fort Worth, Texas 

“Very good presenter. Motivational & offered many tips to use at the workplace as well as for personal enjoyment.” – J. Edwards, Dallas, Texas 

“He used practical exercises in dealing with real projects and ideas. Also offered real ‘scripts’ or dialog to use when communicating with project sponsor and/or different communication styles.” – D. Woolf, Danbury, Connecticut 

“The energy level was great! You gave us easy to follow techniques to focus on the most critical activities, also good ideas to build cooperation in projects.”

– D. Scheidt, Finance, Baltimore, Maryland 

“A true ‘leader’ teaches with passion for the subject and is not afraid to share life experience. You obviously care about making a difference and are not afraid to expose your inner feelings if it will make a difference. ‘Teaching is a lifelong experience." – T. Farris, Montgomery, Alabama 

“You have been a great help to me with your Supervisors Course. I learned a lot about communication with people, how to get results from people, and techniques to use to get those results. I feel more confident and eager to use some of the things I learned in this class as a supervisor.” – S. Barron, Sioux Falls, SD 

“It’s rare that one person can train for an entire week and hold the audience attention throughout – you did just that! You have taken this subject and

made it interesting and exciting.’ Truly a job well done!" – J. Siler, New York, New York 

"This is the first time I am able to give all 5’s on a 1-5 scale. Great style! I appreciated the good humor and energy in his delivery. You definitely made a possibly boring subject really interesting!" – R. Harrison, Fairfax, VA.

"The presenter was knowledgeable, entertaining, and effective due to excellent organization of materials, good participation, and concise instruction." – B. Cobb, Tallahassee, Florida

"Frankly, the best management seminar I have ever attended – mostly due to the instruction." – G. Deck, Reston, VA

Online Training 

"This was the best hour I've ever spent! I got the information I needed and was back to work in no time!" – M. Barnhill, New Jersey 

"I really appreciate the outline to start the TeleSeminar...but it was a complete (and pleasant) surprise to get the complete recap afterwards. Thank you!" – D. Marcus, Colorado 

"I was skeptical at first. A phone call for one hour? How could you hold my attention and was there going to be any real value? The answer was YES. Thanks for a quality investment."  – A. Rivers, Florida


"You were excellent! You were aware of cultural and language differences while stay on topic. I gained much ideas I could use immediately!" Fernando Hernandez, Mexico

"I could understand the presenter, he was sensitive to cultural and language barriers, and he answered my questions thoroughly. It was very practical, hands-on approach - definitely useful training!" – Z. Raye, Russia "I had no problems to understand the presenter during the course. He was very careful to respect the different cultures and individual level of knowledge. The training was absolutely worth the time I spent for it and I was able to use learned information several times since it took place. From my point of view a training in a second language is very helpful not only because special skills are learned but also because it gives me the opportunity to communicate in this language in a good atmosphere and enables to use the skills with a broader bandwidth." – E. Strieder, Munich, Germany 

" I had no problem understanding the US presenter who made sure that all my questions were answered. I keep on referring to the materials & my notes. In fact, I'm not sure 2 days is enough!" – F. Chaveren, France 

"Too much excellent material! This class could be extended ½ to 1 day so we could cover even more!" – A. Houman, Montreal, Canada 

“An uncanny ability to reorganize the presentation to meet our objectives! He established instant rapport and presented the concepts so all could understand. A great presenter!”  – P. Pheffer, Calgary, Canada 

"Think this was one of the most helpful trainings I have attended so far. A Big Thank you!  – I. Webler, Frankfurt, Germany 

"Thank you for the most enriching experience I had on 'Influencing People' and 'Project Management.' " – M. Wasserlauf, Manager, Israel 

"I had no problem understanding the presenter. My questions were answered thoroughly and even though the course took place 1.5 years ago I keep on referring to the materials & my notes."  – F. Chavaren, Paris, France

"I have appreciated the level of knowledge of the seminar leader. The content was exhaustive on the topic. Practical information were given." – J. Renaud, Belgium 

"Creative thinking and problem solving: Apply and associate the techniques to different levels within all organisation for example, the environment for creative thinking can be at board level down to project task level and “everything” in between. Good course – very thought provoking." – P. Smith, Business Analyst, London, England 

"Very knowledgeable, stimulated good conversation and thought provoking environment."  – C. Keegan, Project Manager, Brussels, Belgium