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Q: Our company is planning a Corporate Retreat. Do you offer such programs?

A: Yes! We offer Build-You-Own-Conference options that can be conducted at company site or to a remote location of your choosing. PTS has also partnered with the Chris Cox Horsemanship Company to offer a three-day Corporate Retreat, at the Outback Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas. Visit the site at www.chris-cox.com.

Q: Can you accommodate first, second, and third shift schedules with training?

A: We've worked all shifts and will work as appropriate to meet your needs. We've even worked four hour cycles for three days straight!

Q: Do you only offer on-site training, or do you hold generic, public seminars in hotels?

A: We only offer custom-crafted seminars at a location of your choosing. Companies that offer both are usually using the public seminars (promoted by brochure mailings) to generate leads for on-site business. We aren't interested in printing thousands of generic workbook copies for generic seminars and then bringing the same to your company specific seminar. Although a presenter may be good at tailoring the verbal content from the front of the room, we believe the audience should know that the information is tailored by the company specific, tailored workbooks we produce.

Q: Do you offer distance learning?

A: Yes.

1. We offer PinnTelSeminars™, usually one hour in length, by telephone. Materials are e-mailed to the participants in advance, and recaps e-mailed after the fact. These sessions can be recorded & offered to you on CD.

2. We offer limited online training.

3. Video Teleconferencing is available.

4. We can create DVD learning tools to send to remote locations or to be used as refreshers for experienced team members.

Q: How much are your seminars?

A: The difference is in our tailoring. Other companies invest in promoting public seminars to develop their private, on-site business. We've chosen to invest in Solution Consultants who help you tailor content and material to your specific needs. Depending on the topic and number of dates you choose you'll find that we're as inexpensive as well-known, larger seminar companies. Contact us for a specific quote.

Q: Can I see a video of your instructors?

A: Samples are available and additional video clips are offered on request.

Q: Do you license your training materials?

A: Yes. Contact your Solution Consultant for more information.

Q. Do you offer long-term training packages?

A: Yes. Your Solution Consultant will work with you to design a corporate training plan, incorporating programs that will correspond to your stated objectives, or core competencies. We've even built complete corporate universities for many organizations you'd know including JVC.

Q: May I see a sample of your materials?

A: Yes. Sample workbooks are available. Contact your Solution Consultant for details.

Q: My staff can't get away for a full day - can you do 1/2 days or less?

A: When time is tight, we have a solution. We offer any topic in 1/2 day lengths and our newest service is Build-Your-Own-Conference. This is a day (or longer) of multiple 90-minute topics. You can offer the same topic four times in one day, four different topics in one day, or any combination that gets your desired result.

Q: Can you facilitate a team meeting instead of just training?

A: Yes. We have qualified facilitators that are sensitive to people of all cultures and successful in working with organizations of all types. All have international experience and success.

Q: Can you provide executive and business coaching?

A: Yes. We have full time (certified) business coaches on staff and also offer "team" coaching.

Q: Do you video tape your training for our use?

A: Yes. We can provide DVDs, CDs, MP3 files or VHS video.