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Capacity Management In Financial Services

J. Lehr McKenzie, Ph.D.

     The Financial Services industry is faced with many of the same challenges manufacturing had ten or fifteen years ago. It 

     is no longer possible to view capacity as a problem for only equipment-intensive industries. Learn more about the

     implications to Financial Services ... (read more)


A Framework for Reducing the Impact of Disruptions to the Supply Chain: Observations from Multiple Executives

Robert B. Handfield, Jennifer Blackhurst, and Debra Elkins

     Recently, the topics of enterprise risk management(ERM) and business continuity planning(BCP) are often at the top of many corporate 

     agendas. In the past, many of the discussions on risk management focused on financial reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley, but the recent spate of

     disasters in 2005 such as Hurricane Katrina and rampant commodity prices have increased executive focus on supply chain risk. The supply chain

     encompasses all organizations and activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from the (read more…)

The Different Elements of Risk in the Supply Chain

Dr. Robert B. Handfield

     In today’s regulatory and complex supply chain environment, no decision is

     exclusive of the risk associated in its environment. In fact, assessing risk is

     a major deliverable for any supply chain team. Moreover, assessing risk is a

     way of determining how to tie together the different types of data that can

     be identified in the supply chain (

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