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Workplace Violence Update for 2010

The Institute for Crisis Management’s research of business crisis stories in 1500 worldwide news publications indicates that workplace violence was the fastest growing business crisis in the news in the last two years. This was an increase 65% from previous years.

Now is the time to review the defensibility and effectiveness of your workplace violence program and procedures. If you are in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Risk Management or associated professions, check and see if your plans, policies, and procedures meet the basic guidelines suggested by employment attorneys:

(1) Do you have a documented and structured plan (and crisis or threat management team) for addressing threats? Is the team and process used 

      consistently for every threat?

(2) Do you have current/ongoing training for your Threat Response Team or Crisis Management Team?

(3) Do you utilize jury-friendly documentation for every Threat Response Team case?  

And, at a minimum, add these personal safety basics to your practice of safety:

When traveling internationally

 - Carry a copy of your passport in a bag separate from your passport

 - Remember that foreign countries "love" to incarcerate young Americans (often believing that they are involved with drugs)

Personal information in a digital age

 - Block the "location" button or location locator on all social media (Twitter, etc.). Realize that you don't want someone to know your in country address AND that you are in another country at the same time!

 - Do not ever identify your home address, have good reason to reveal your business address (and again, never if your personal address too).

For more information contact Pinnacle Business Concepts direct +1 704-533-0814 or e-mail for information. As victims of workplace violence our team can help with all aspects of Workplace Violence Prevention and seminars.